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S.P.A.R.T.N Platform

By utilizing the S.P.A.R.T.N (Specialized Protocols for Agricultural Research and Technology Network) platform, Growsmith is able to efficiently create a cannabis business no matter which part of the market you wish to engage in.
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    With our near 200 years of combined commercial cannabis cultivation and sales Growsmith has become the unsung hero of many commercial facilities who have faced the inexperience of old world growers who struggled with creating scalable standard operating procedures for new world commercial cannabis.

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    Our success lies in our ability to admit past failures and our strong bonds with industry leaders. These are comeraderous relationships. We are able to understand scenarios much faster because of how closely we work and support our industry friends.

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    Stop being abused by uncultured cannabis consultancies- Our team, our innovation, our experience and our honesty is why we are still creating progress in the constantly evolving world of weed.

If you simply need better pricing for your consumable goods or wish for an overall audit of your retail, cultivation or processing/packaging facility we can give you the advice you need to become a stable cannabis business. We have consulted, supplied goods to or managed over one and a half million square foot and are currently active on over six hundred thousand square foot of indoor, greenhouse and outdoor cannabis cultivations so trust that you are in good hands.

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Our clients understand that return on investment is the number one goal and we at Growsmith know that. Through very unique and long term friendships within commercial cannabis Growsmith national and international partners continue to set standards for horticultural efficiencies. Whether your facility is in dire need of a retrofit or you need us to assist from start to finish on a new project you can rely on the Growsmith team to have the answer or the connections to get it done accurately.

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With several large & small clients already under our belt and more engaging with us every month, it’s clear you can depend on Grow Smiths to deliver the results you expect. Some of the unique benefits from working with us include:

agricultural operations management from Grow Smiths

Dedicated Service Management

We assign each customer to one of Growsmith’s CSRs to make sure you have someone watching your back at all times.

Multiple Points of Access for Support

Sometimes it can’t wait. In the case of a critical requirement or issue requiring our immediate attention, we’re always there for you.

Knowledgeable Specialists

Our consortium of specialists covers every niche you’ll need in relation to your agricultural business. Reach out for more info!

Full Service Cannabis Management

We offer a concierge approach when providing services to our portfolio of cannabis businesses.
Let us help you take some of the work load off your hands.

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We pride ourselves
in our focus on

Agricultural Management Services

Product & Supply Procurement

Latest technology + recommended products & nutrients for best grow results

Integrated Pest Management

Protect your investment and prevent yield loss due to pests, mites & damaging insects

Commercial Sales & Marketing

Boost your brand and increase distribution with proven strategies that work

Staffing & Security Solutions

Build your team’s foundation with industry experts & secure your operation

Maintenance & Compliance

Stay on top of the demanding work flow of upkeep and keep a sterling record of compliance

Fleet & Transport Services

Never miss a deadline with managed logistics for receiving & shipping for your facility

Custom Solutions Available By Request

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